Hi, I'm Rohit Singla

I'm the host of "The Career Talk Show" (A Podcast dedicated to help professionals like you to have a fulfilling career that you truly enjoy and that you truly admire).

Apart from that I'm a blogger turned business developer and a digital career coach now. With all my research, learnings and experience I’m here to help you save time and eliminate the frustration of your job search.

I am so passionate about the things related to Job search strategies, effective resume writing, Interview tactics, profile optimization and much more...

Rohit Singla

My Mission

I am on a Mission to help 100,000 College Students to have a fulfilling career that they truly enjoy and that they truly admire.

My Core Principles

Below are the 6 Principles which I always follow and will always follow throughout my life. I have learnt and taken them after making a lot of mistakes in my life so far. 

Believing In Yourself

If you believe you can, you will and If not, you won't. Believing in yourself, your own capabilities is the first step towards achieving anything you want in your life. 

Faith In God

"Anything that happens, happens for good and happens for a reason". Have faith in God or the supreme power that you believe in. I believe "You" are here for a reason my friend.


"Hope for the best but be ready for the worst". Anything that I do, I am always prepared for both the scenarios & everyone of us should be prepared in such a manner.

Clarity Of Goal

"Having a proper goal makes it much easier in achieving that goal". Without having a proper Goal for ourselves, we won't be able to move forward in the right direction.

Never Be Cheap

"Never be cheap on your way to greatness". I used to be very skeptical about making investments on my self education until one of my mentors told me the above statement.

Being Responsible

"Take 100% Responsibility of everything that is happening in your life". Everything that's happening in your life is due to the choice you have made for yourself in the past.

Purpose Behind "Learn With Rohit"

The foundation of having a successful career is the sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. Learn with Rohit is all about everything that you need to have a fulfilling career that you truly admire and enjoy.

And the purpose behind "LWR", is to reach out to the maximum number of people to help them with all the tools, knowledge, information they need in order to live and have a great career.

I am a "Lifelong Learner" and I love sharing things that I have learnt the hard way so that others can learn them the easy way without having to spend so much time, money, resources and efforts to learn the same thing which they can learn absolutely for FREE.

That's why it's called "Learn With Rohit". Learn along with me (Rohit Singla).

My Personal Origin Story!!

Well, Every single person on this planet earth has a story. YOU also have a story within you.

And You are the "HERO" of your own story. You are the Producer, Director, Hero, Villain, Musician of your own Inspiring story.

You can choose to do Whatever and However You want your story to be like and to end like...

Here is my story for you...

In 2005, I was in 5th Grade. My class teacher asks me to prepare the school's pledge to speak up in assembly the next day. 

I went back home, prepared the entire pledge multiple times so that I can perform it effectively the next morning. 

Next Morning, I'm standing on the stage  along with other group members. 

The School Head said "Pledge Position" & asked me to come forward... As I came forward and saw hundreds of eyes watching me, I went BLANK..... And our Vice-Principal said:


Students like you don't deserve to be on this stage. People from small villages like you can't do anything in their life. You are meant for nothing.
(And She slapped me on the stage in front of the entire school)

Incident that broke me (Rohit Singla)...

As a 10-11 year old, I strongly believed in what she said and I believed that I am good for nothing. 

After this incident happened, all my friends started making fun of me.

I was already an introverted kind of person but this incident made me the super introverted person you would ever meet at that time.

Since then, I never participated in any of the activities in my school life.

It also affected my personal beliefs about me and my capabilities because now I was more concerned about what people will say.

The Childhood Programing

I was always a very introverted person from my childhood.

And I remain the same kind of person for the first 18 years of my life.

Reasons for that were from my childhood I was trained not to talk to anyone and focus more on studies and nothing else.

Because the plan was to study as much as I can and get a good job in some big company and then live a happy life.

I was told this from my childhood and somewhere one of the reasons was that most of my family members are engineers and are well settled.

So, somewhere it was clear that I will also be an engineer in the future.

And since then I was listening to this one statement again and again "there is a lot of recession in the market, there are no jobs" so study hard then only you will get the job.

And I have heard the same statement from my childhood till the time I graduated from college.

Introduction to "Entrepreneurship"

It was 2013, I completed my 12th grade education. I was introduced to these terms “Blogging” and “Entrepreneurship” for the first time in life through a Network Marketing company. 

I attended many workshops, events, conferences during that time and learned a lot from leaders.

And one key takeaway that I learned from working in that company was...

Entrepreneurship is not just about making money, It is all about bringing change to the world, solving problems and adding more value to people's lives.

All those workshops, sessions and conferences helped me in my personal transformation. 

From an introverted person to a new person who was confident, able to present himself in front of people.

This time I was not a part of the audience but I was confidently leading a group of people for various projects in the college. 

Also, I was able to shift my mindset from problem oriented to a solution oriented mindset.

First Experimental Blog

When I started my very first blog, I wasn't much aware about how this whole thing works. LOL

But, I still started my very first blog on the Internet and It was just to share the college notes, programs that we used to practice in the labs.

Also, I used to share some of my personal stories and things I learned in the form of short blogs/articles.

My First, Tiny Taste of Progress

After some time, I launched another blog which was now dedicated to inspire youth and inspire people with the right skills they need to grow.

On that blog, I used to publish articles on Health & Personality Development (Which I learned and implemented for myself).

With my little skills I was able to rank that blog in the top 100,000 blog/website in the world within a period of 3-4 months. (As per Alexa)

On that blog, I started an Interview Series of people who are well known in the digital space. 

I got an opportunity to Interview India's first Blogger Mr. Tony John, Very popular Sahil Saini, Author Varsha Bansal and Celebrity Biography Blogger Mr. Anish Gupta.

Through this blog I:

  • Gained some visibility in the digital space.
  • Networked with some of the big names in the Indian blogging ecosystem.
  • Enhanced my own personality and tech & non tech skills.
  • Developed content writing skills and Improved my English communication at the same time.
  • Learned the most needed skills i.e. to "Research" about something in depth.

All of this happened while I was in my college pursuing my graduation.

The Grinding Phase

As a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, I always wanted to do something that serves people and solves people's problems.

But, what should I do? What problem should I solve? This was the biggest challenge for me.

I used to see problems everywhere around me that needed a better change. I started looking at problems as an opportunity. But, somewhere inside I wasn't sure about my capability. I still had some fear inside me.

But, instead of just thinking about it. I said to myself, let's gain some corporate experience till then.

This mindset of mine helped me a lot while I was going for interviews with companies. The first few job interviews of mine were horrible. I was confident, I was excited but I was nervous at the same time.

But with time I understood the patterns and psychology behind Job Interviews. Once I understood that then I was able to perform much better in my other interviews.

I tried so many things in my life from making a career in the corporate world to making a career in the health sector but I couldn't find anything as such where I was able to help others and solve problems.

I always used to think about this core problem of students and Millennials about not getting a job.

The Ideation Phase

Once I discussed this idea with some of my friends to start something through which we can help students and Millennials to get jobs.

But, they said - Rohit, the idea is really good but how will we do it, we can't do it. We are just 23-24, who will listen to us? We have no experience of handling students and all such things (which were making no sense to me).

Because I have always heard about this problem of people not getting jobs, I had this one thing in my mind that someone has to take an initiative towards it.

Why should I wait for someone else? If that someone else can be me myself.

I started working on this idea of mine and got an idea of using the skills that I used to implement in my job interviews from job research to networking to interview calls and then to crack job interviews.

One of my mentors said to utilize the power of online platforms.

So, this is the reason why I built this online platform to help college students & job seekers in their Job search & research, Effective Resume writing, Networking the right way and some crazy Interview strategies to get more interview calls from the hiring managers.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I know how it feels when you are consistently applying for jobs and not hearing back from HR's.

Also, I know how it feels when you are submitting your resumes and there is no response from companies.

I know how it feels when the Interviewer says "We'll get back to you soon".

And I also know how it feels when people around you start questioning your own capabilities and you start thinking that "You are the root cause of all your problems".

Well, I know all of this because I have been there and I was able to overcome all of them over a period of time.

And I don't want you to be in that position feeling lost, questioning your own capabilities and doubting your presence.

I want to reduce your time and efforts with the exact same tactics I used for myself and that I found over a period of time.

The first things that you can do to start your journey with me is to download the FREE guide that I have written on building and launching your successful career. 

I (Rohit Singla) commit myself to your successful career that you wants for yourself. 

Don't know where to start?

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