8 Myths About Jobs In India [That Are Most Popular]

Rohit Singla


There are so many myths about Jobs that are spread across most of the college students and youth in India. Today, you’ll learn about some of the 8 Myths About Jobs In India That Are Most Popular. Also, do let me know in the comment section what are the myths that you have come across very often.

8 Myths About Jobs In India That Are Most Popular

8 Myths About Jobs In India
8 Myths About Jobs In India That Are Most Popular

1. 9-5 Thing

One thing that I get to hear from most of the people around me is that a Job is just a 9-5 thing and nothing else.

Your entire life will be spent in just doing a 9-5 work.

This is just a myth that is not at all true.

There are so many people who love the jobs that they do.

Also, some companies do mention even before hiring any candidate that the working hours may be extended depending upon the work. And people love doing that.

One needs to love the work that they do no matter what.

And as a side hustle, he can work on their projects and ideas that he wants to pursue.

2. Low Salary

Remember this one thing

You are not being paid on the basis of how much knowledge you have but you are being paid on the basis of the value you add to any company/organization/people.

So, one needs to be credible enough to get the salary they want.

Invest more time in learning new skills, build credibility and improve your own personality.

3. No Jobs In Market

I have been listening to this statement since my childhood.

“There are no jobs in the market, only if you’ll have good grades in your school, college then only you’ll get a job”.

Well, It may be true 10, 15 or 20 years ago but today is not the same case.

A lot of things have changed. Earlier people used to work to fulfill their needs but today people want to work to fulfill their dreams.

Every single day 3-5 startups are being launched and which indirectly is an opportunity to contribute your bit in those startups.

So, this myth about jobs in India is not true.

There are so many jobs available in India and across the globe but the problem is that students don’t know the right strategies and platforms to find a job for themselves.

4. Only Referrals Work

One myth about jobs in India is that if you want to get a job in any company then only a referral would get you thee job else you won’t get the job.

Well, referrals do help in getting an interview call but saying that without a referral no one can get the job is not true.

One needs to understand this core thing – any person would recommend or refer someone who is credible enough for the profile or the position a company is looking for.

If that criteria is not being fulfilled by the Interviewee candidate that no reference would work.

On the same side if you are able to match the company requirement than you will get the job without any referral as well.

5. No Growth

There is no growth in the corporate world especially in India, this is also one of the most common myths about jobs in India.

People who say that there is no growth in the corporate world are the people who have stopped learning, who have stopped investing in themselves.

Let me give you an example.

A newborn baby kid needs to have the proper nutrition to have strong growth.

This means the kid has to have healthy food, mother breastfeeding, and proper care to grow from a kid to a boy and then to an adult.

Similarly, for a corporate professional to grow in his/her careers one needs to stay updated with the knowledge and skills that are required.

To grow on the corporate ladder, one needs to grow in skills, knowledge, experience as well.

People stop growing the time when they stop learning.

6. No Promotions

Well, as I mentioned in the previous point that to grow in the corporate career one needs to learn skills, gain knowledge.

And in the corporate career, growth means promotions.

So, which means that your continuous efforts in learning a new skill and gaining knowledge are really very important.

Your all those efforts will be helping you to grow in your career which indirectly means getting a promotion.

7. No Work-Life Balance

Have an improper work-life balance is the problem of so many working professionals nowadays.

It’s not just about the people who are doing the job but it is also common in so many business owners as well.

The bad work-life balance occurs due to the focus on only one aspect of life i.e, either only work or only family.

Also, one of the reasons for this is that people took office issues at their homes and home issues into their office, which indirectly affects both the lives.

One needs to make sure that they leave the home issues at home and office issues at the office to maintain a happy and healthy life.

8. JOB – Just Obey Your Boss

Have you ever heard about this statement ever in your life?

I’m sure you must have heard about this statement in your life so many times.

Well, the statement “Just Obey Your Boss” started getting popular bac 10-15 years ago.

The reason being for that is, earlier there were not so many opportunities available at that point in time.

That’s why people had to stay in the same company or organization for a longer period of time.

Also, they need to do all that their senior authorities used to ask them to do because they couldn’t quit from that due to fewer job opportunities.

Now, the scenario has been totally changed.

Now, employees are employees anymore; all are team members.

Nowadays, corporate is all about building a work culture.

Even the founder is looking for people who are smarter than they are.

The startup culture in India has totally changed the entire perception of jobs in India right now.


All these are the 8 myths about the jobs in India that are most popular in India.

However, all these are just myths and are not true at all as per today’s scenario. As things have changed a lot in the past few years.

And the technology also has played a very crucial role in busting all these 8 myths about jobs in India.

Now, share the myths that you have heard about jobs in India from your friends, family or relatives.

Also, do share your story that you have about jobs in India in the comment section below.

Written by Rohit Singla

Rohit Singla is the host of "The Career Talk Show" Podcast, a Blogger turned a Business Developer and a Digital Career Coach now. With all his research, learning & experiences; He's here to help you save time and eliminate the frustration of job search. He is so passionate about things related to Job Search strategies, Effective Resume Writing, Interview Tactics, Profile Optimization, and much more.

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