Ep.#04 – What is Shiny Object Syndrome and How to Overcome it?

Rohit Singla


In this episode #04 of “The Career Talk Show” Podcast, I have talked about a concept which is “Shiny Object Syndrome”. This is one of the most popular concepts that might be stopping you from getting the results that you want for yourself.


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Things that are covered in this Episode –

1. What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

2. Why does it happens?

3. What does it leads to?

4. What’s the solution to this term SOS?

Lastly – Is Shiny Object Syndrome a good thing or a bad thing.

In this podcast episode, I have also shared why do people get addicted to this term “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

And I must say, this is the most common among the Gen Z people and people who surf on the internet.

The reason for that is – there are hundreds or thousands of opportunities available on the internet which looks shiny and we get in that trap.

Shiny Object Syndrome

There are even people who are promoting some get rich quick schemes as well.

But in reality, nothing of that sort exist.

Everything that we do in life requires time, energy, hard work, money, consistency, and many such things.

That is why we need to be aware of the opportunities which are right for us.

Apart from this standpoint, I also share how this it can help you in your life to find the true purpose that you should pursue.

Listen to this episode to learn more and enjoy.

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Wish you all the very best.

Written by Rohit Singla

Rohit Singla is the host of "The Career Talk Show" Podcast, a Blogger turned a Business Developer and a Digital Career Coach now. With all his research, learning & experiences; He's here to help you save time and eliminate the frustration of job search. He is so passionate about things related to Job Search strategies, Effective Resume Writing, Interview Tactics, Profile Optimization, and much more.

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