5 Steps On How To Overcome Failure [10 Reasons Why you Might Be Failing]

How to overcome failure? This is one of the most common questions that go in the mind of almost every single human being especially when he’s opting for something for the very first time.

This question is asked by people of all age groups. A student, a working professional, a business owner, or a person in any niche. This question is very common.

So, the reason you are here is because you wanna know how to overcome failure or if not, at least how you can reduce the chances of failure in your life.

Before moving ahead with the solution, I want to put some light on the 10 reasons which I think are the reasons of failure.

First, you’ll discover the 10 Reasons that leads to failure and in the next part you’ll know the solutions as how to overcome the failure.

Reasons: How To Overcome Failure

So, Let’s first know the reasons that leads to the failure.

5 Steps On How To Overcome Failure
5 Powerful Steps on How to overcome failure

1. No Goals

One of the biggest reason as why do people fail is that they don’t have the goals as where they wanna go.

Think for a while – if I ask you to “GO”. Now either you won’t go anywhere or you’ll go anywhere, right. So is the case with people who have no goals, they just keep trying multiple things with no right direction.

You need to set goals first before starting anything. And most importantly you need to know the right goal setting strategy to set goals for yourself so that you achieve them.

2. Stop Learning

Another reason for failure is that people think that they know everything. And the reality is they don’t know the right skills in order to get the desired results for themselves.

All people who are successful right now – They have one thing in common and that is they all are life long learners. They never stop learning, they never miss any opportunity which can help them to grow.

And on the other side are the people who stops learning from books, courses, people & mentors.

If you really want to achieve success in your life in any field, mark my word “Be a Life Long Learner”. Never miss any opportunity where you can learn from maybe someone who’s junior to you or maybe senior to you.

3. Don’t AnalyseHow to overcome failure

Next reason for failure is that people don’t analyse before taking action.

For example, If you want to start a new job or a new business of your. You need to do a proper search & research about the job. And if it’s a business you need to do the proper market search and research about the needs, availability, share and so many other things.

People lack this skill and that why they take instant actions without analyzing.

One reason is also that people watch so many motivational videos which is nothing but just an external motivation that will stop once the energy falls down. External motivation is temporary, it’ll be there for maybe 1 day, 1 weak, 1 month, or 3 months.

And after that, they feel for the bad decision that they took in just a motivation without proper analysis.

4. Find Excuses

Excuses are the biggest best friends of people who fail. If you will talk to them, they’ll have an excuse for everything.

Anything goes wrong, they have an excuse for that. They never accept the fact that it’s their mistake or they lack any skill in order to succeed.

They don’t even listen to people and even if they do, they don’t care about the persons time, opinions or suggestions. They’ll just do what they feel to do.

For example, A person X wants to reduce weight and he knows that in order to do that – He needs to focus on regular exercise, diet and work.

Now for that, He puts and alarm so that he can wake up early in the morning which is amazing, isn’t it? But, what happens next? He never wake up with the alarm because his excuse is that I slept little late last night.

These kind of people are experts in making excuses.

5. Just Learn & Plan

People who fall under this category are those who just learn and plan. They lack the execution and taking action.

Only learning and planning can’t give you results – You need to take some certain action in order to achieve results in anything that you do.

Don’t be like those people who just learn and plan.

Planning is important but execute as well. Execution will do wonders for you.

6. Chase PerfectionHow to overcome failure

These are the people who wait for a so called “Perfect Time”. However their is no such time in the existence so far.

People under this category wait for the “Perfect Time” as they believe that some perfect time will come and then they will take some action.

Days, weeks, months & years pass by but for those kind of people the “Perfect Time” never comes (because It doesn’t exist, LOL).

7. Wait for Permission

People under this category seeks permission from their friends, family, relatives or someone in their life. And expecially on something which can help them in their growth & their transformations.

There are very few people who grabs the opportunities.

Now, you think for a while. Everything that you are doing in your life, have you asked or seek permission from anyone? And by everything, I mean everything. From the time you wake up in the morning till the time you sleep.

Think about it and let me know in the comment section.

8. Binge Watching

Majority of the people on the internet is binge watching the content.

And you might have observed that the majority of the content that you and other people are consuming is in the form of video content.

Maybe you might have done this thing some time in your life and I believe that now you don’t do it anymore.

Because right now you are investing your time in learning while reading this article and contributing to your growth & transformation.

9. Quit Very EasilyHow to overcome failure

The majority of the people who face failure are the people who quit very easily and very early.

Maybe the life takes over them or maybe the situations didn’t go well. And they quit on the things which they want to pursue.

And one reason might be that they start listening to more of the failure comments from people and that’s why they took that step.

10. Afraid of Taking Risk

Another reason for failure is that people are more concerned about taking risk. And judging the people and opportunities that are coming their way to help them.

People are afraid of investing on their learning, self-education & their businesses that they are doing.

They judge the other person and says “that person is fraud, lying and things like that”.

They never accept that they are afraid of taking risk.

Let me give you an example.

You came across a course that can help you get a better job for yourself or a course that can help you to grow your business by 10X or 20X. But, you are thinking “What if I fail?” , “What if that person is fraud?” , “What if that person took my money and ran away?”

Now these are the types of questions that goes in the mind of a person.

You can get an answer to these questions only by investing in that course and going through the curriculum.

It is very simple. If you really wants to know where does a path lead to, you just need to walk on that path.

Now, If you are interested than you can watch the Video to know How you can overcome the failure.

Note :: The Video is in HINDI language.

So, basically these are the few 10 Reason Why people fail and why you might be failing in your life as well.

Now, Let’s know What are the ways or the steps by which you can know How to overcome the failure.

Solution: 5 Steps On How To Overcome Failure

1. Never Quit In Your Life.

Never ever quit in your life. Quitting won’t help you and won’t give you results that you want for yourself.

Give some time to the things which you are doing.

Be consistent with your efforts.

If required learn some skills that are needed and that can help you to master the craft that you are doing.

Attend workshops, events and hire people.

Be ready to do whatever it takes for you to achieve the ultimate goal that you want to achieve in your life.

2. Invest On Learning.

You might have heard this statement “The More you will Learn, The More you will Earn”.

And never be afraid of investing on your self-education and on the things that can really help you to grow in your career or life.

Invest on courses, tools, coaches, mentors and anything & everything which you feel can help you in your career, business or anything that you are doing.

You need to acquire the skills to get a good job or to speak fluently in English.

Also, if you want to be a millionaire than you need to acquire the skills to be a millionaire.

The reason you ware not a millionaire right now is because you don’t have the skills which a millionaire has.

So, invest on learning and be who you want to be in your life.

3. (Learn + Apply) * Repeat

If you just keep on learning, it won’t give you results.

Similarly, If you just keep on applying anything randomly than also you won’t get results.

In order to get the desired results for yourself, You need to first learn a particular thing and than apply it or say execute it.

And If you get some results out of the same than just increase the efforts of execution and get more results going for yourself.

The point is that you need to be consistent.

When a process is giving you You need to X result than simply 10X your efforts and you’ll get 10X results.

But, never stop learning in our life. Just keep learning and keep applying anything and everything that you have learned.

4. First Shoot Then AIM.

A player first practice a lot even before playing the actual game in the playground.

For example, a shooter first shoot the bullet from the gun to test the conditions of the ground. And then later he AIM for the a perfect shot.

The reason for hooting the first bullet was to test the wind speed, distance, gravity, and such technical things. It’s not as easy as it seems.

Similarly, you need to first take some decision and then act on that decision. Later you can make that decision the best decision of your life. That’s totally up to you.

You first have to take some action and later you can improve and make things perfect as per your needs and requirements.

So, first shoot and them AIM.

5. Find Your “WHY”.

Never rely on external motivation in your life by just watching motivational videos on the internet.

External motivation won’t last long.

The day you are able to find your strong “WHY” as why you want to do what you want to do, you won’t need any external motivation.

You yourself will become the power house of the motivation.

Let me give you an example for better understanding.

Mr.X is the person who is very lazy and he set multiple alarms to wake up in the morning.

One day his father was admitted to the hospital as he encounters with an accident.

He is in the operation theater and the doctor says that your father’s condition is very critical and he can only be saved with “XYZ” medicine.

And those medicines are not available here. That medicines are only available in another branch hospital which is in another city. And that is very far from here. You need to go by flight or train in order to get those medicines (if you want to save your father).

Now, forget Mr.X for a moment.

What would you do in that case? Your own father is admitted and is in critical condition and the doctors say those words to you. What would be your reaction?

What would you do? Do let me know your answer in the comment section below.

Back to Story

Now, After listening to the doctor’s words. Mr.X searched for the next flight or train to that city to get the medicine. He finds that the next flight is at 5 o’clock in the morning.

He booked the tickets and went to get in the flight, travel to that city, get the medicines and saves his father.

Mr.X was the person who never wakes up with an alarm but today he didn’t even sleep and he awakened the entire night and was waiting for the flight. Do you know why?

Why he didn’t slept?

Why he didn’t need any alarm?

He realized his “WHY” as why he should not sleep, why he should not miss the flight, why he should be awaken. Because his father’s life was at risk. Only his efforts could save him.

Neither Mr.X didn’t watched any motivation video nor he was motivated by anyone. This time he was having “Internal Motivation”.

This is what you need to find for yourself. The “Internal Motivation”.

Conclusion: How to overcome failure

No one really fails in his/her life. And even if you face failure, you learn something from that. Keep building blocks of the failure to reach your ultimate success that you want to achieve for yourself.

Be an action taker and also “Be A Life Long Learner”.

In case you have some doubt, let me know in the comment section below and also do share this with people who can get benefited from this.

Stay Awesome ! Stay Healthy!

Be Proud To Be A Life Long Learner.


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