By Rohit Singla - November 15, 2020

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A resume is one of the most essential parts of the journey towards landing your next job. And most of the students unknowingly make so many mistakes in their resumes. These mistakes result in no interview calls, no job offer, and also self-doubt. Today, you’ll discover the top 10 common resume mistakes that you need to avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will result in more job interview calls, more offers, more positive responses from the hiring managers.

10 Common Resume Mistakes
Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid – How to Make them Work.

Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid (How to make them work)

According to research, the hiring managers or HR’s spend an average of 5-8 seconds while going through your resume. And if you have not aligned the right information in order then you won’t be hearing more back from the hiring managers.

Your resume has to go through a process of steps to make sure that you are the right fit for the profile that the company is hiring for.

ATS is used for this entire process of filtering out the candidates.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System.

And it is used to filter all the resumes/CVs which doesn’t match the things which the company is looking for.

Once your resume is able to pass through ATS, then your resume will be checked by a human (Interviewer).

So, If you have made any mistake then most probably you’ll be among the list of people whose resume would be rejected by the ATS.

To increase your probability of getting more Interview Calls watch the video and make changes to your resume wherever needed.

If you find some mistake that I have not covered in this video then do share that in the comment section below.

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Rohit Singla

Rohit Singla is the host of "The Career Talk Show" Podcast, a Blogger turned a Business Developer and a Digital Career Coach now. With all his research, learning & experiences; He's here to help you save time and eliminate the frustration of job search. He is so passionate about things related to Job Search strategies, Effective Resume Writing, Interview Tactics, Profile Optimization, and much more.

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